Rename All in One Click

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Open Source Software
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This simple tool was created to rename all collected files in one folder with different extensions just in few steps.

Rename Multiple files in One Click

This tool allows you to use the name of files and it renames them all with the same name but with numbering suffix like: file0.exe, file1.exe, and also allows you to control starting number and number of digits of this number like: if you want to start renaming with 523 so the file name will be file523.exe, file524.exe and if you want to pad this number with 0`s, you got it. Just type number of digits between 1 and 9 like: if number of digits is 3, so file0.exe will be file000.exe and file001.exe and so on, if number of files exceed these 3 digits it will rename without any problem like: file1001.exe, file61231.exe  where number of digits is 3.

Also, if you need to make a space or any other special character between file name and number, you must type it in file name first.


  • Rename in few steps

  • Rename in Root folder only or any other sub-folder(s)

  • Control Naming

  • Control Starting Number

  • Control Number of Digits

Note: For .exe file, .Net 4.5 is required to work – click to download

Executable file can be downloaded HERE

Source Code is available HERE  by VS 2012

Please, Mention source of your code and tell us if there is any modification to the code

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