One Virtual Machine works on VWare and VirtualBox

Posted: December 20, 2014 in Softwares
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Hi Guys,

Two days ago, at work I suffered from My Virtual Machine. So, I decided to copy another one from my colleague.

But it was built using another software where mine was build by Oracle VM VirtualBox, the colleague’s was build by VMware.

Today, I tried to setup one virtual machine which works on these two software.

Simply, the idea about the Hard Drive make it portable between two virtual machines and this is what we are

Let’s start:

Step 1:

Create a virtual Machine using VirtualBox and create a virtual Hard Drive.


Step 2:

This is the most important step[Hard Drive File Type] choose VMDK and click Next.

Step 3:

Dynamic Allocated to Fixed size depend on your needs.


Step 4:

Then, Finalize your creation of virtual Machine but Don’t Start It.

Step 5:

Go to you Machine Folder and you’ll find files like the following Make a new folder and put (windows_8_1.vmdk) file in it say it will be hdd folder.



Step 6:

Open (windows_8_1.vbox) file using notepad and search for something like the following line may be line 12:

"<HardDisk uuid="{5b4849be-10a8-4760-b23c-0391f5ca5f9e}" location="windows_8_1.vmdk" format="VMDK" type="Normal"/>"

and change location="windows_8_1.vmdk" to location="hdd/windows_8_1.vmdk"

Step 7:

Now go to VirtualBox and remove the old machine and add the new one. and congrats you have a virtual machine using VirtualBox software.

But, wait a moment how can I open it using VMware without exporting or converting ?

Simply, Continue to know.

Step 8:

Open VMware player to create a new virtual machine. In the window where you are going to choose the name and location, use the same location but with different name like Windows_8_1_VMware.

Capture6Capture7Step 9:

While choosing you HDD choose the minimal value 1 GB and select storage as a single file , then click finish.

Step 10:

Go to the virtual machine folder and delete the hard drive you created “Windows_8_1_VMware.vmdk”.

Step 11:

Open “Windows_8_1_VMware.vmx” file using notepad and search for:

fileName = “Windows_8_1_VMware.vmdk”

then change “fileName = “Windows_8_1_VMware.vmdk”” to “fileName = “hdd/Windows_8_1_VMware.vmdk”“.

Now, You have two different machines in the same folder using two different software using the same virtual HDD.


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